Mobile, Starbucks and You

A new study by Havas Digital's mobile marketing arm Mobext and research firm Cadio comes to the astonishing conclusion that opt-in GPS tracking can deliver a trove of valuable consumer and competitive insights. Well, yeah, if a marketer is tracking your every move they're going to learn a few things about your lifestyle and buying habits.

The study involved mobile users in Chicago, New York and Boston who agreed to share location information every 10 minutes over a two-week period starting the Wednesday before Thanksgiving last year. What did they find out? Half the people that frequent Starbucks also go to Dunkin' Donuts (must be the donuts), Wal-Mart shoppers are 60% more likely to dine out than Target shoppers (Who knew?) and New Yorkers work later than counterparts in Boston and Chicago.

Does that mean New York has more Starbucks per square foot than the other two?

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