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Rant: Facebook's Missing Ingredient

Controversial tech investor and blogger Dave McClure says he's figured out how to get a leg up on Facebook, and it's got everything to do with "intimacy." In an "Open Letter to the Next Big Social Network," MsClure says there's this one little problem with his own Facebook experience: "I've got too many g*ddamn friends." (Over 2,000, if you're wondering.) Insisting that "MEANINGFUL=MONETIZABLE," he insists that Facebook is "at risk of being upstaged by a more private & meaningful social network (or perhaps via some subset or abstraction layer on top of FB, if they can move quickly)."

Still, according to some, Facebook is well aware of its intimacy issues, and is tailoring new features to tackle the problem (but thanks anyway, Dave). Last week, it debuted a new feature that lets users log interactions between themselves and friends, or between any two friends, dubbed "Friendship Pages." It also recently redesigned Facebook Groups to highlight the intimacy of real-world connections projected through Facebook.



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