CNN's Blitzer Gets Little Support With Evenhanded Approach

Wolf Blitzer seems like an interesting enough guy. He’s reported on practically every major news story over the past few decades, while he's no doubt privy to lots of Washington gossip he doesn’t feel comfortable dishing on air.

And yet, at least according to one poll, he’s considered kind of a snore, a real buzzkill. Of course, he does work for CNN, which probably makes him appear more square than he is, but there must be something else going on.

It can’t be the beard? The "Situation Room" host looks well-groomed.

Maybe he comes off as too evenhanded and unbiased? Maybe he seems like an actual journalist? How absolutely boring!

The Harris Poll is harsh. It suggests hardly anyone wants to have dinner with Wolf, chill with him in a sports bar, invite him over for a party or join him on a weekend trip. If he's walking down the street towards them, it appears Americans blitz the other way.

In fairness, the polling on cable news personalities had Wolf up against some stiff competition. Unless the dinner discussion is limited to entitlement reform, Jon Stewart would surely be more a more appealing guest. And, if it is limited to entitlement reform, Bill O’Reilly might liven things up more.



But even Anderson Cooper gets people more enthused about breaking bread together. Cooper displays a nice sense of humor, but he’s not exactly Mr. Personality, at least on CNN. Maybe he’s a bundle of fun on his daytime talk show.

When 2,100 adults were asked in an online survey to select which person is “the one you would most want to have dinner with?,” Blitzer came in last among the seven options by about the amount Obama will lose Oklahoma by. The others were O’Reilly, Cooper, Stewart, Rachel Maddow, Stephen Colbert and “none of these.”

Only 3% said Wolf. The others were all in double-digits.

At 2%, Wolf had even less support in the “most want to hang out with at a sports bar” category. He did close the gap significantly, though, against O’Reilly, Cooper and Maddow. Stewart led, Colbert was second.

Wolf was also at the bottom in the other categories that involved spending some quality time together, never moving above 3%. That’s except 7% for “discuss politics with,” though he was still last there. (Cooper just topped him at 8%.)

Democrats seem to feel he’s a particular killjoy. Only 1% wanted to hang out together in a sports bar and less than 1% wanted him over for a party.

Even a bunch of donkeys don't want to jam with Wolf.

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  1. Thomas Siebert from BENEVOLENT PROPAGANDA, October 25, 2012 at 6:32 p.m.

    I think Wolf's biggest problem is he's just not very bright and can't drive a story to the next level. Great name, no brain. You gotta believe he's easy to lead around and fool. Doesn't anybody remember his "Jeopardy" performance?

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