'NYT Magazine' Gets Redesign, Launches Events

While much of its attention has been focused on new digital products, The New York Times isn’t neglecting print, as illustrated by the major redesign of its weekend magazine unveiled this week.

The new look debuts with a special issue that is the biggest ever published at 220 pages long, including 120 ad pages; the first issue is called “The Global Issue” and addresses international stories. In conjunction with the unveiling, The New York Times Magazine is also launching issue-themed live events.

The revamped print magazine has a new graphic treatment and layout emphasizing clean lines and more photography as well as new fonts and a redrawn logo, and is printed on heavier paper stock. On the editorial side, it is getting a number of new weekly features and columns.

An opening essay, "First Words," will address language as a subject for cultural criticism. Another feature, "Search Results," will provide an annotated guide to what’s trending on the Internet, alternating with a cartoon, "Sunday Funny," every other week.



A rotating series of four columns, "The Ons," will publish critical essays every month “On Photography,” “On Money,” “On Clothing,” and “On Nature.” The new version will also feature poetry selections, courtesy of former U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey, and a column called "Letter of Recommendation," which gives writers a forum to rhapsodize about anything they’re passionate about.

The New York Times Magazine’s digital presence is also getting an overhaul, including increased emphasis on photography, video and interactive elements; more attention to design in online feature stories; and more daily content. On the advertising side the site will offer full bleed banner ad formats for high-profile premium placements. Advertisers can also sponsor entire digital issues of the magazine on NYTimes.com.

The New York Times Magazine revealed plans for a regular event series revolving around some of the magazine’s stories and subjects, as well as events nationwide coordinated with the magazine’s special issues on issues including Design and Technology, Culture, and Great Performers.

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal unveiled a somewhat lower-profile makeover for the print edition of its newspaper, including a new name for the business section; previously called “Marketplace,” it is now “Business & Tech,” to better reflect the disruptive influence of technology on all aspects of business.

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