Who Should I Target To... Next?

Speaking at the OMMA Attribution event, Tina Moffett, senior analyst for Forrester, says when it comes to attribution, marketers continue to point to a number of benefits. But sourcing of data remains a major problem. In reviewing a Forrester survey, Moffett says marketers working on attribution "will say they are happy with the [data management] partners they are working with. [But] it's taken a long time. [They say] 'It's not because of them, it's because we end up not knowing our data.'" Some of this realization occurs for marketers when they check other options for measurement, which brings up questions about the sourcing of their data. Attribution remains important. In a Forrester survey of a year ago, Moffett says 92% of marketers say attribution helps allocate future advertising; 88% say it helps them with performance metrics; and 81% say it helps measure true costs. In addition, now marketers are asking attribution to do more, says Moffett, asking questions such as: "Who should I target to next?"

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