MEC Integrates Content, Social, SEO, Partnerships, Creative Into One-Stop Shop MEC Wavemaker

MEC has just launched MEC Wavemaker, a content marketing offering that the agency says will bring together content strategy, social, partnerships and experiences, SEO and creative service expertise. 

The agency says MEC Wavemaker will create content based on insights from the agency's purchase journey planning approach, MEC Momentum, which looks at the purchase process and identifies where content can deliver the best impact.

MEC Wavemaker will consolidate MEC’s content strategy, social, partnerships and experiential, organic search and creative services expertise into a single offering. The offering aims to simplify the process for clients kind of like -- oh, I don't know -- the whole full-service agency thing the industry religiously pendulums with the opposing specialization trend.

Of the new offering, MEC UK CEO Jason Dormieux said: “We're hugely excited by the UK launch of MEC Wavemaker. Clients understand the increasing importance of developing purposeful content strategies. Bringing together the various elements of our business that are involved with content will enable us to accelerate our work for clients in this vital area and enable us to continue to deliver effective communication strategies for them.” 



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