NEW! Dixie Raises Restaurant (Literally) In Latest Stunt Ad

Dixie Ultra and agency Droga5 have launched another stunt-ad  via live stream broadcast in the ongoing "Dixie Ultra: Stress Tested" campaign to demonstrate how Dixie paper plates stand up to rigorous usage.

In the "High Stakes" spot  a BBQ restaurant was physically raised more than 40 feet in the air. Waiters are seen delivering 20 plates of food in 40 minutes via a series of tightropes. The three-round stunt - hosted by TV personality Adam Richman - kicked off with 8 plates each with two pounds of vegetables at 15 feet elevation. The second round delivered seven plates with mac n’ cheese and potato salad at 30 feet. And the final round distributed five plates each with two pounds of BBQ at 40 feet.

The live stream broadcast has already racked up over one million views on Facebook.



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