Canada Dry Declares That 'Busy Is A 4-Letter Word'

Canada Dry is out with another variation on its theme of encouraging folks to take time to relax and enjoy life — with a ginger ale in hand.

The brand’s “Relax Harder” umbrella campaign launched this past January with Mcgarrybowen-created TV ads and interactive content from The Richards Group.

Now, Canada Dry has introduced an extension, dubbed “Busy Is a 4-Letter Word,” featuring a three-minute-plus video from The Richards Group, and a campaign website set to launch this week.

The video (below) shows young adult men and women — and one older man who’s the father of a male Millennial also in the video — stating that they equate being busy with positive concepts such as “winning,” “achieving” and “being successful.”



But those clips are followed by very different reactions to hearing the word “busy” from their significant others. One husband says that it makes him feel that he is not his wife’s first priority, and a son says he interprets it as meaning that his father doesn’t want to connect with him.  

Screen titles then note that “Canada Dry believes that busyness is an epidemic,” and “It’s time to make time for what matters most.”

The self-declared busyness lovers are also forced to use their own definitions of the word to fill in the blanks in excuses—such as “I couldn’t make it because … I’m successful.”

In addition to the video, the campaign site will include a quiz that helps consumers understand what type of “busy” they are. 

The campaign also includes use of owned social media, paid digital ads and influencer outreach.

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  1. Michael Margolies from Michael Margolies Photography & Design, August 24, 2017 at 10:47 a.m.

    Excellent advice!

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