Beauty Bytes: YouCam, Shiseido Add New 3D AR, IoT Lines

Digital beauty brands are expanding the ways they are combining precision technology with Millennials’s quest for a prettier face. Perfect, owner of the popular YouCam Makeup technology, unveiled 3D AR Tech at the Consumer Electronics Show. And Japanese giant Shiseido, which last month introduced an IoT skincare line that provides recommendations in real time, just announced that it has acquired Massachusetts-based has acquired Olivo Laboratories, a startup with a pioneering “Second Skin” technology. 

The YouCam launch uses 3D AR makeup for hyper-realistic natural and costume makeover effects, as well as accessories like glasses and hairbands; its new 360° AR hair coloring tool, powered by AI, and an AI-driven “Look Transfer” that takes a makeup look from a printed photo and brings it to life through 3D face AR technology.



Perfect’s beauty apps have been downloaded some 550 million around the world, and it also partners with cosmetic giants like Estee Lauder.

Separately, Shiseido says the terms of the Olivo purchase are not disclosed. The young company’s patents include a “breathable, flexible and nearly invisible artificial skin,” which it says offers benefits beyond makeup or even cosmetic surgery. In a statement, Shiseido says the acquisition “marks a significant leap forward in the emerging realm of "skin shape correction,” and paves the way for the development of products that provide instant and significantly enhanced skincare and suncare.”

Shiseido also owns personalization technology startup MATCHCo and an AI-powered beauty company called Giaran. And last month, it introduced the beta version of Optune, a digital, personalized skin platform, in Japan.

Users photograph their skin via smartphone. The app analyzes everything from mood to pore size, working with weather and air quality data, to make personalized daily skincare recommendations.

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