Tracking Newspaper Ads

  • August 21, 2002
Paper Media Network has launched a service to track online newspaper advertising. The company says the planning tool provides information on media spending, share of inches, photograph views, comparison of creative strategies and other market facts. The database has 74,000 fields of data and is updated quarterly. “We started this division in response to very specific needs from our clients. They required information that offered a better grasp on Hispanic Newspaper activity; a tool that could be used by everyone involved in the planning process. They desired a place where creative minds could expand their ideas, account services could prepare professional and comprehensive reports, and media planners could confidently analyze their ROP environment,” said John Trainor, founder and CEO of Papel Media Network “In order to make sure that this tool would be useful, we consulted with several industry leaders from the top Hispanic ad agencies in the country who greatly contributed their ideas.”
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