Fluent Launches New Division, Names Fisher As Its President

Fluent Inc., a performance marketing company that facilitates messaging with opted-in consumer profiles, has formed a new division: Fluent Dialog.

Michael D. Fisher will serve as president.

The goal is to offer a new set of solutions and capabilities to reach new buyers at the C-Suite,” states Ryan Schulke, CEO of Fluent.

Those client can “focus on connecting consumers and clients through our platform and managed services offerings,” Schulke adds. 

According to Fluent, the new division will provide brands with the scalable ability to activate insights across all point of consumer-brand interaction.

Fluent Dialog will also offer analytics and custom research services.

Fisher states that Fluent Dialog will focus on “customer engagement, cost containment, and precision versus volume, while enabling more meaningful relationships with key clients to address important strategic imperatives that can drive their growth.”

Previously, Fisher was CEO of FLIT Consulting. He has also served in senior leadership roles at Yes Lifecycle Marketing (now known as Yes Marketing), Alterian, Epsilon, DoubleClick (formerly Protagona Worldwide), and Unisys Corp.




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