Back to Basics: Organic Valley's Creative/Media Evolution

Organic Valley, a farmer-owned cooperative of 2,000 family farms, had spent the last 35 years telling its story -- about being organic. And then the market evolved and organic alone was not enough. 

Tripp Hughes, senior director of consumer strategy, Organic Valley, told Wednesday's Brand Insider Summit the brand was good at building connections through video. "We social media the heck out of those. But while they may be entertaining and engaging, it wasn't driving sales up. Other companies were telling the farmer story. We needed to break out."

So it tried creating videos that would go viral. And they did. But still product sales were stalled.

And then it came up with an insight-driven idea: to open a coffee shop in Manhattan that sold "the world's best coffee." The company brought in a farmer who had never been to New York before. He had a blast. Awareness about the dairy product rose after Organic Valley pushed it programmatically.

Now it was time for the farmers themselves to dig in. And a new video showing the company's CFO and CMO, beards and all, hit 90% of its intended target. 

Furthermore, a two-minute video showing how many steps your average dairy cows took in a day -- aided by Fitbits attached to their ankles -- produced a 90% completion rate. Moo-ya!

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