Infutor Launches Opt-Out Portal In Compliance With CCPA

Infutor, a firm specializing in identity management, has launched a portal that allows consumers to opt out in compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act. It could be useful for brands that deploy data to drive their email marketing. 

California consumers can log in, confirm their identity and be removed from data managed by Infutor, the firm says. 

The company has worked on the portal for a year in an attempt to meet CCPA rules for verification, disclosure and deletion of data. That may be just the beginning.

“While the unique CCPA processes are only in effect for California residents at this time, we anticipate other jurisdictions will move in this direction, and we can quickly scale to be effective in other states or nationally as needed,”  states Len Lombardo, chief information security officer of Infutor.

Can-Spam already requires that firms let consumers opt out from receiving emails. But now they also have to remove data on request, and provide transparency on what they know about an individual. 



Consumers living in California can fill out Infutor’s Opt Out Register form to ask for disclosure of their personal data.

When the identity is confirmed, Infutor will email the report to the consumer, adding a link to activate an Opt Out Community Site account.

The person can review their information, then decide whether they want to opt out and delete it. Consumers can also call an Infutor toll-free number to begin the process. 

Non-California consumers can opt out through the traditional process.

Infutor confirms identity through the person’s Social Security number, name and address.


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