RAM: Upgrade in the Inbox

EmailLabs' new version 4.0 software is designed to help companies better understand and act on customer behavior, improve targeting and personalization, and increase e-mail deliverability.

The company's partnership with WebSideStory means that clients of both firms are now able to see in one combined report whether customers who received an e-mail message also went to the Web site on their own. At the same time, they're able to use e-mail to target customers based on their Web-browsing behavior. New dynamic content creation and personalization capabilities allow marketers to customize those e-mails in real time with a more user-friendly interface. Additional upgrades include a Workflow Task Management tool and a Content Library Directory System.

EmailLabs has also added Habeas' feedback monitoring report to help marketers test and improve e-mail deliverability prior to implementing a campaign. "This tool will tell you how likely it is that your e-mail will be put into the bulk folder, and will make suggestions about how to change your content to increase your rate of getting into the inbox," says Ashish Seth, EmailLabs' director of product management.

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