Publishers Are Offered An Intent-Based Tool To Personalize Ads

Bombora has created a platform to help publishers obtain demographic, firmographic and interest data on B2B website visitors to personalize and better monetize their ad inventory. 

The new offering, dubbed Visitor Insights (VI) with Real-Time Capabilities. Is built on “intent at the device level,” says Jeff Marcoux, CMO of Bombora. 

“The problem with a lot of traffic is the vast majority is unknown,” Marcoux says.   

But he claims that Bombora’s new consent-based platform overlays intent data when a cell phone is researching topics. 

“If I’m a publisher, I can identify this is a C level person in a job function showing research interest in a solution, and I can tailor their site experience,” he says. 



The product is now being used by 20+ publications and brands.  

In addition, Bombora is seeking customers for its pilot program for a tool called Bombora Company Surge Signals, or Signals, for short. As the team develops Signals, “we welcome the pilot participants who can help us perfect it and shape the future of Intent data,” says Mark Connon, president of Bombora.  

According to Bombora, VI will enable publishers to perform these tasks:

Build and Deliver Audiences—Firms can combine VI with Real-Time Capabilities data and Company Surge data to create targeted ads using even more data points

Historical Visualization for Analysis—Firms can use  historical first party data alongside third party data to understand visitor interest and build stronger account-based campaigns. 

Javascript response to page—The tag shows companies which topics a particular visitor consumed and feed that data into a third-party tool. 

Snowflake feels that Bombora’s VI performed best in comparison with ither services. 

“Our marketing intelligence teams appreciate the ability to enable site personalization with enriched visitor data, and particularly the enhancement of the sales signal,” says Hillary Carpio, Senior Director of Account-Based Marketing, at Snowflake.  

Carpio describes the benefit as the “power to know when your active prospects are on your website — at that moment.”

Marcoux adds that VI does not contain personally identifiable information. 


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