New Digital Life For Fox's 'Arrested Development'

A new digital entertainment life awaits Fox's "Arrested Development," the critically acclaimed, Emmy-winning, but ratings-challenged network show.

Episodes of the three-year-old Fox comedy will get simultaneous video windows--on basic cable, the Internet, and as a high-definition TV series. Deals have been made with the G4 cable network,, and Mark Cuban's HDNet, respectively.

All three outlets have individual three-year deals. The complete 53-episode series will begin airing this fall.

All three venues will sell advertising against the series. MSN will air the series, free to Internet users. HDNet will air the shows in high-def, also as an ad support series.

G4 is the basic cable advertising-supported video game and technology-focused network owned by Comcast Corp. It has 57 million cable subscribers, and is strong among male viewers 18-34.

Fox struggled for the entire run of "Arrested" to find an audience--even after winning the Emmy for best TV comedy.



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