Mochila Launches AdMatch Video Player

  • by April 20, 2007
Mochila, an online media marketplace for publishers of print, audio, video and photo content, has launched AdMatch Player -- an ad-supported video player that enables publishers to create and deliver customized video experiences for consumers.

The AdMatch Player will allow consumers to watch videos, view photo slideshows and read articles simultaneously within the player. The content that appears in the player is branded by publisher; for example, video footage from Iraq taken by the Associated Press is labeled with the AP logo within the player.

To engage the player, Web publishers deploy search filters to determine what content and which sources they want and Mochila provides the player for instantaneous publishing. Publishers can choose content by type -- video, text, still images or all three -- to create feeds based on content from nearly 400 media organizations.

The player, according to Mochila CEO Keith McAllister, allows "Web publishers to make their sites more valuable instantly. It's free and it's really easy," he said, noting that it's the same process deployed by Google AdSense.

Mochila is an online content syndication service that allows publishers of magazines, newspapers, wire services and Web sites to buy and sell print, photo, audio, and video content à la carte and on-demand with each other on its Web site. Publishers that choose the Mochila AdMatch ad revenue-sharing service get multimedia content for free; advertising revenue is split among the buyer, the content owner and Mochila.

Publishers using AdMatch can offer a mix of video, text and still photos via the player which supports all forms of banner ads, interstitial ads, pre- and post-roll video advertising. "Publishers can also control the rate at which those ads appear," McAllister said. For example, an ad might appear after every three photos.

"It's free to join, the content is free and publishers can make money from it right away. The publisher is determining what is going in the player," he said.

Mochila , which has 400 members, offers video from The Associated Press,, Spanish-language news agency EFE, Ford Models, The Health Central Network, ITN Source, Lonely Planet, MeeVee, Mobi Jokes, Red Herring, Rodale,, SmashTube, South China Morning Post, Tiempos Del Mundo, and Vibe Media Group.

Ads for Mochila AdMatch, including video, are supplied by ad network partners 24/7 Real Media, Quigo, Tacoda and Broadband Enterprises.

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