Tap Consumer Passions, Allaire Urges Marketers

Brightcove is testing a service that will offer marketers a way to tap into the passion of consumers at a much deeper level by providing an easy way to create, edit and integrate "approved" content into video creations that can be launched virally.

Jeremy Allaire, co-founder and CEO of Brightcove, demonstrated the service, Aftermix, during his keynote address at Media magazine's Outfront conference yesterday in New York.

Now in a closed beta, Aftermix will be free to any user in the world, and is designed to work in concert with needs of content owners. It provides a toolkit for users to trim their video creations, add soundtracks and overlays and incorporate branded content into mash-ups from a shared asset bin.

"Consumers are passionate people," said Allaire, showing other existing examples from sites in the Brightcove network demonstrating that consumer-generated video can be far more compelling than the professionally shot variety.

Boston.com invites users to submit video from high school sporting events and runs them along with the professionally produced variety.

Marketers can exploit end-users as producers, he said, by supporting media and brand exposures in their online homes--i.e., blogs, playlists, social networks, communities of interest and RSS readers.

Watch Jeremy Allaire's keynote from Outfront.

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