Verklin, Other Aegis Directors Sell Shares

Carat CEO David Verklin has sold another 175,500 shares of Aegis Group stock at $2.86 per share, or $502,296. The stock, which was part of 270,000 conditional shares granted under the Aegis performance share plan, was reported as part of a regular Aegis Group disclosure on the share holdings of its directors.

Following the sale, Verklin has conditional rights for 1,342,272 shares of Aegis stock and options for more than 4,527,383 shares. He currently holds 201,349 ordinary shares worth $592,239.

That makes Verklin the second-largest shareholder among Aegis' directors, and just behind Adrian Chedore, CEO of Aegis' Synovate research operations. Chedore received 270,000 conditional shares and sold 190,620 of them for $537,244. Chedore currently holds 380,289 ordinary Aegis shares valued at $1,118,709.

Verklin and Chedore each hold more shares of Aegis stock than all the other directors combined.

Nigel Morris, CEO of Aegis' Isobar network, exercised options for 220,000 shares of Aegis stock--selling 204,529 for between $2.86 and $2.97.

Jerry Buhlmann, CEO of Carat's Europe, Middle East and Africa operations, exercised options for 300,000 shares and sold 278,959 at $2.86 each.



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