Wendy's Taps Ecast For Place-Based Campaign

Wendy's is using Ecast's geographic targeting capability to launch a new campaign promoting its fast-food restaurants on the company's network of interactive touch-screen jukeboxes. A spokesperson for Ecast confirmed that the digital ad campaign will run on jukeboxes at 5,100 bars and restaurants located within a mile of a Wendy's.

The campaign, based on the theme "Core Burger," focuses on Wendy's chief selling point--its hamburgers--with various tantalizing clips of burgers being prepared. When users engage the ads on Ecast's touchscreen interface, they are led to a full-screen display that includes the address of the nearest Wendy's, as well as a search function to locate a Wendy's in another ZIP code, if they wish. Users can also sign up to get deals and promotions via email.

Ecast's network of digital jukeboxes display ads alongside the virtual console where users choose music, and in full-screen mode when songs are playing. Wendy's is counting on their placement in nightlife venues to catch consumers when they are especially well-disposed to the idea of a fast-food run--meaning, when they've had a few drinks (or more than a few). Of course, the synergy between fast food and various types of intoxication is well-established (see also: Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle).



A 2006 study for Ecast by Arbitron found that bargoers had a 43% recall for advertising delivered via Ecast; Arbitron's study canvassed bar patrons in New York, Seattle and Columbus, Ohio in the summer of 2006. Another study by Arbitron in 2007 found that 50% of American adults over the age of 21 had visited a bar within the last month--about 105 million people. Moreover, 31%--or 65 million people--had been to a bar in the last week. According to Arbitron, they include a higher percentage of self-described "early adopters" than the population at large.

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