Gorilla Nation Introduces 'Midtail Toolbox'

  • April 24, 2008
Ad rep firm Gorilla Nation has launched its new Midtail Toolbox, a suite of online creative tactics specifically designed to leverage the unique features of midsize Web sites.

As more and more Internet users are moving away from the portals and top 50 properties toward niche sites in the midtail, advertisers are following their audiences, the company states. User behaviors on niche sites provide powerful opportunities to connect with targets through their passions, and these sites attract large concentrations of influential trendsetters who engage, interact, and share.

Over the past several years, Gorilla Nation has evolved the Midtail Toolbox into a set of about a dozen creative integration tactics that go beyond the banner to integrate marketing messages as a non-interruptive parts of the user experience. These include integrated redesigns, social networking enablers, branded interactive, product placement and springboard video platform.

--Tanya Irwin

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