bizjournals Redesigns 43 Sites

Giving new meaning to the word "redesign," bizjournals, the new media division of American City Business Journals, this week launched redesigned all 43 of its websites. According to company officials, the sites, which serve over 11 million page views a month to nearly 2.5 million unique users, are planning to increase their coverage of local business and community news and add new advertiser-friendly features.

For advertisers, bizjournals is reducing the number of design ad elements on each page. The sites are now accepting larger ad units such as the 160x600 super tower and most other units recommended by the IAB Universal Ad Package (UAP).

bizjournals has also begun to accept rich media ads from Point Roll, Unicast, EyeBlaster, and Shoshkeles.

Finally, bizjournals has developed a new ad package of local site banners in combination with ads inserted into periodic regional emails aimed specifically at organizations that want to drive attendance to local seminars, events, classes and expositions.

With ACBJ journalists posting breaking business news throughout the country, bizjournals will build on its established position as the best online source of significant business and community news by adding contextually relevant information and services that will be incorporated within each story page. The relevant information will include additional related articles, public and private company information and relevant advertising. Also, the Local Community section will be expanded to include local business services directories, comprehensive business calendars, and locally available jobs. And, users will have the ability to search the combined bizjournals database of businesses and homeowners to create customized sales prospect lists.

"Our goal is to continue building a quality audience, strengthening our local brands and serving the local business community," says Bradbury. "We know we are succeeding since bizjournals' traffic and customers have doubled over the last 18 months and our first half overall ad sales are up 100% over the same period a year ago."

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