IDC: Mobile Should Be A Focus For Next Yahoo CEO

  • November 20, 2008
In a report released Wednesday on Jerry Yang's resignation as Yahoo CEO, market research firm IDC noted, among other things, that mobile advertising needs to be a strategic focus for the Web portal. "It is now that future market shares and mobile media brands are being created, yet Yahoo is falling behind Google," states the report.

It goes on to say that Yahoo does not need to launch a branded phone or create a mobile operating system like Google--but should focus on improving its Yahoo Go mobile platform. "Even the new Go 3.0 still renders many standard Web pages hardly usable, lacks email attachments, instant messaging support, access to Yahoo Calendar, and direct access to Yahoo Contacts," according to the IDC.

But the technology-focused firm also calls Yahoo Go "a strong contender" to make the mobile Web more accessible to consumers.--Mark Wash



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