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Deborah Roney

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  • Director, Advocacy Strategy & Research Discovery USA
  • Chicago Illinois
  • 60657 USA

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  • How Brands Can Effectively Engage With Health Advocacy Organizations in Marketing: Health on 06/17/2016

    Health advocacy organizations, often a trusted source of information and community for patients, families, and caregivers, can be important industry partners when the relationship is cultivated from a place of mutual respect. Each group has much to offer the other, including key insights that might otherwise never be uncovered; however, identifying how best to initiate or move a relationship forward can sometimes be a mystery and, occasionally, be plagued by missteps. While early engagement, transparency, and consistency are critical to success, the partnership may still be rocky if not mutually beneficial, with all stakeholders able to satisfactorily reach and/or support their priority audience: patients.

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