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Corinne Casagrande

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Corinne leads Strategy, Research and Planning for Involved Media.

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  • Consumers Are Doing Great, But Your Highest Spending Cohort Might Not Be... by Corinne Casagrande (Marketing Insider on 04/03/2024)

    Great question- YoY or MoM growth rates can be very deceptive.  The cash injection the lower-income households got in 2020-2022 from stimulus and tax refunds was unprecedented and lead to huge spikes in discretionary spend growth. The hiatus on student loan payments really changed consumers debt payoff schedules during this time.  Now the increases are normalizing, and looking much softer compared to the previous years which. Those years also saw hot inflation, and there was a period in 2022 when wages didn't keep pace, however, wages have kept pace and even exceeded inflation in 2023. There's nothing that makes consumers feel worse than inflation, and it's made confidence and other sentiment-based metrics bifurcate from the actual numbers. 

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