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Diaz Nesamoney

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  • 5 Predictions For Data Management's Future in Marketing Insider on 10/26/2018

    While many in the industry worry that this year's data-privacy reckoning will harm the business, the truth is, it will actually make it stronger.

  • How Brands Can Thrive By Using First-Party Data in Marketing Insider on 08/16/2018

    Most firms still don't have the infrastructure in place to capitalize on first-party data. Here's how to do so.

  • Does AI Enhance Or Replace Human Intelligence In Advertising? in Digital News Daily on 07/14/2017

    After years of trying out targeting, marketers have now realized it takes much more than a large mass of data to make the right decisions. It takes intelligence. So the industry turned to analysts and folks with titles like "decision scientist," who were employed to make sense of all of the data and hopefully get better at targeting. Hundreds of ad-tech companies emerged with presumably better and better targeting. But, despite all of that, digital advertising ROI was still not improving significantly. The key turning point in the use of data occurred when the idea of intent was introduced into the equation.

  • The Rebirth Of Dynamic Interactive Rich Media Advertising in Marketing Daily on 04/09/2013

    The time has come to change the way online ad production and ad delivery is done. We need to close the door on Flash and open another to new technologies that enable dynamic multi-screen rich media ads that accommodate and perform on all devices.

  • The Rallying Point For Online Ad Measurement in Marketing Daily on 09/13/2012

    Measurement remains one of the most pressing issues in the online advertising industry -- yet no one can agree on the best approach. Meanwhile, as the debate carries on, too many online ads are being served up to an empty theater.

  • How Online Video Advertising Will Evolve In 2012  in Video Insider on 01/11/2012

    2011 was a breakout year for online video. It grew in both importance and prevalence largely because of the abundance of video content coming online from video streaming sites like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and VEVO -- and the fact that the quality and quantity of content has dramatically improved in just a short time. Another factor: Cable channels like HBO and ESPN and providers like Comcast putting more shows online, enabling advertisers to both replicate and improve on their TV advertising efforts. Users, meanwhile, are making it clear they will sign up and pay to watch video not only online, but also via mobile devices. So, how will online video evolve further in 2012? Here's a glimpse:

  • Why Engagement Is the New 'Click'  in Marketing Daily on 04/18/2011

    Making user engagement the "new click" becomes an obvious choice for brands looking to more accurately measure the success of their efforts.

  • Why The Click-Through Rate Is Dead  in Marketing Daily on 12/15/2010

    It is imperative that the industry embrace change and redefine how measurement of online advertising is accomplished.

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  • Advertising Jumps The Shark: Becomes Conduit For Content by Joe Mandese (Online Media Daily on 10/17/2012)

    This is a very timely article and speaks to what we are seeing increasingly. The ad experience for users becomes much more palatable when it offers up interesting content along with the ad that is useful to the user. Content could be social "what others are saying", product related (videos, brochures, galleries), entertainment (quizzes, games), rewards (music downloads) etc. We are seeing engagement levels go up 5-10 fold when content is intergrated into the ad experience via our platform. Federated Media's conversational ad units are another great example of integrating content with ads.

  • Why Is Online Video Advertising Dying? by Benjamin Wayne (Video Insider on 03/23/2009)

    I have to strongly disagree with the conclusion Benjamin is making. While I do agree that there are several challenges with instream video ads including lack of inventory, audience acceptance and pricing. Video advertising overall is anything but dead. In-banner video ads (i.e. ads served in display ad inventory, typically 300x250 ad units) are doing extremely well both in terms of available inventory, pricing and performance. Tying video ads to video content is the disconnect here. Video ads can be placed in almost any form of content much like display ads can and so have almost infinite amounts of available inventory. Even with instream video, many TV station and newspaper groups (several of whom we work with) are seeing an increasing adoption of video ads and commanding healthy CPMs given the effectiveness of video above almost all other forms of online advertising. I know catchy titles usually get lots of reaction, but the thinking here is dated and doesnt represent the current market. Market research shows online video as the fastest growing segment of online advertising, so "dying" would be a word that comes to mind when you look at the facts.

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