Email Marketing Daily
Friday, January 20, 2023
  • B2B Tech Purchasing Is Hampered By Many Issues, Study Finds

    B2B brands face slow processes for initiating and gaining approval for purchase requests, Zip reports. Here is what email marketers are up against. Read the whole story

  • Mark Cattini Appointed As CEO Of Acoustic

    Mark Cattini had served on the board of B2C marketing platform Acoustic since May of last year. Read the whole story

  • Marketing Calendars Are Offered By Rock Content And Litmus

    Teams can keep track of their email marketing, blogs and social media efforts, the companies say. Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Makes Last-Touch Attribution For Automated Bidding Generally Available

    Microsoft Advertising released a model into general availability that it calls "last-touch attribution for automated bidding" on the Microsoft Audience Network this week. Read the whole story

  • Law Professor Urges FTC To Regulate Ad-Tech

    Many online ad practices are "unfair, deceptive, and privacy-invasive," writes Brooklyn Law School professor Jonathan Askin in a petition in which he urges the … Read the whole story