• Just an Online Minute... Wallpaper as Ads
    Not to end the week on a grouchy note, but the announcement below annoyed me. We have enough online ad vehicles with undefined value propositions to keep coming up with more. Better yet, aren’t there enough things on our desktops that pop, move, change and otherwise annoy us? Do we really need more? Apparently so.
  • Just an Online Minute... Email's Contribution
    All you email marketers take note. DoubleClick today released its Q4 Email Trend Report, which shows that email was a significant contributing factor in the successful online shopping holiday season in 2002. Go ahead. Take a minute to gloat.
  • Just an Online Minute... 10 Million
    If African Americans are your target audience, the Internet is a good place to find them.
  • Just an Online Minute... Update on Streamies
    Arbitron Inc. and Edison Media Research today released a new study, which shows that consumers who have tuned to Internet broadcasts in the past 30 days, also known as "Monthly Streamies," are a great target for digital device marketers.
  • Just an Online Minute... Targeting by Temperature
    This is one of those things where I’m tempted to ask, “What will they think of next?”
  • Just an Online Minute... Online At Work
    More than one-third (37%) of working Americans now go online regularly at the office, according to a new report presented by The Wall Street Journal Online and prepared by eMarketer.
  • Just an Online Minute... While We Weren't Watching
    No one seems to think it’s a big deal, but a headline like this doesn’t come along often: “Playboy Narrows 4Q Loss on Strong Online Performance.” The operative words here are “strong online performance,” folks, and they’re music to my ears.
  • Just an Online Minute... Room for Growth
    A few days ago I was exchanging emails with people lamenting the unavailability of broadband in certain areas of this country, but today I stumbled on a report that puts all those conversations into perspective.
  • Just an Online Minute... Leaderboards Beat Banners
    Ever since the IAB suggested that online advertisers give bigger ad formats a try last year, major sites have been doing exactly that and the results are promising.
  • Just an Online Minute... Dial-up or Broadband?
    Earlier this week, my esteemed colleague John Gaffney suggested that we, the advertising and marketing industry, team up and make dial-up really unpopular. I agree, but to an extent.
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