Marketing Daily
Monday, September 18, 2006
  • Ford Makes New 'Bold Move': Get Smaller

    Ford Motor Co. faces a huge marketing challenge in convincing consumers that it is a good idea to continue buying its cars and trucks. Read the whole story

  • Toyota's Strong Brand Values Key to Success

    It takes real differentiation and value to make it as a 21st Century Brand, says the author of the forthcoming Predicting Market Success. So … Read the whole story

  • Coors Hopes to Revive Its Fading Irish Red

    The Colorado brewer plans new ads positioning Killian's as a microbrew in an attempt to reverse dismal sales. Observers say it will be difficult. Read the whole story

  • CMO Council Finds Link Between Data Breach and Brand Trust

    Surprisingly few marketers have any crisis containment plan for a business fact-of-life, the personal data breach, a new study from the CMO Council reports. Read the whole story

  • Nokia Sets Up Shop In Manhattan

    The perennial underdog to its flashier competitor Motorola opened a store last week on New York's Fifth Avenue. Read the whole story