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Tuesday, November 29, 2011
  • AmEx In $20 MM Giveaway To Spur Online Sales

    The new digital program gives cardmembers a surprise each time they shop at a participating online retailer and spend at least $25, with holiday ... Read the whole story

  • AT&T Helps Consumers Make Their Cases

    'Tis the season for cases for gifts. And though many will rely on their own negotiating (or nagging) skills to get the gift they ... Read the whole story

  • Affluents May Be Best Gift This Year

    The holidays are fast approaching; as the number of shopping days dwindles, uncertainty of how retailers will fare is on the rise. Who will ... Read the whole story

  • Hamilton Beach Bows First Ads Since '09

    Appliance maker Hamilton Beach is launching three new household products-a new line of irons, a new coffeemaker, and an updated cooker-with a new ad ... Read the whole story

  • Study Heightens Concerns About BPA Levels In Cans

    Studies have shown that BPA mimics the action of female reproductive hormones and may be linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and other health ... Read the whole story

  • Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart Lead Online Sales

    With brick-and-mortar retailers still sweeping up the stampede dust and pepper spray from Black Friday, online retailers are sorting through their own deluge: E-commerce ... Read the whole story

  • Wealthy Americans Redefining Luxury

    The 1% may over-index for strict Freudian analysis, but they are probably spending less of the 50-minute hour these days wringing their hands over ... Read the whole story

  • Kikkoman Mobilizes For Holiday Season

    Kikkoman is using in-store calls to action tied to simple SMS mobile connections to connect with home chefs. The soy sauce maker is promoting ... Read the whole story

  • Conversation And Open Innovation

    As marketers, Conversation is what we crave. Moving past a broadcast message and into a conversation means you've achieved at least the first part ... Read the whole story