Thursday, October 23, 2003
  • At The Movies: Nielsen Develops Market Currency For Cinema Ads

    In a development that could provide an impetus for the burgeoning cinema advertising marketplace, Nielsen Media Research Wednesday unveiled Nielsen Cinema, a new unit ... Read the whole story

  • TV Fuels Time Warner Ad Growth

    Network and cable TV revenues boosted Time Warner's first quarter reporting with its new name although results from America Online and the magazine division ... Read the whole story

  • On Eve Of NBC Merger, Tr!o Expands Into News, Awards Shows

    Months before it becomes part of NBC in the Universal merger, pop-culture channel Tr!o plans to add to its programming lineup, including a foray ... Read the whole story

  • Belo Sees Contrarian Metric in Local TV

    In a flip of what's being seen in much of the media marketplace, local TV station owner Belo said Wednesday that its local TV ... Read the whole story