Tuesday, February 17, 2009
  • Dear Bev: How Should I Prepare For A Phone Interview?

    The simple answer is that you should prepare for a phone interview the same way you prepare for a face-to-face meeting The reality, however, … Read the whole story

  • Wachovia Forecasts Radio Doom In '09

    If anyone is still cherishing hopes of a radio turnaround in 2009, Wachovia analyst Marci Ryvicker's latest note to investors should doom that idea. … Read the whole story

  • Canoe Assembles Product Team, Will Paddle Data, Versioning, Interactivity

    Canoe Ventures, the cable industry-backed group charged with developing a national infrastructure for planning, buying and managing addressable and enhanced TV advertising, has quietly … Read the whole story

  • Smooth Sailing: Outdoor Gets Creative With Ad Buys

    With cut budgets, many outdoor-sports marketers are at risk of being left out in the cold. The Outdoor Channel is trying to spur their … Read the whole story

  • TV Streams 'High School Reunion' Premiere

    TV Land wants to boost interest in the second season of reality series "High School Reunion" by offering exclusive content pre-launch on its … Read the whole story

  • Brands More Wary Of Celebrity Endorsements

    Alex Rodriguez. Michael Phelps. Chris Brown. It's been a bad week for celebrities--and by extension, the products they endorse. Celebrity shillers won't disappear, but … Read the whole story

  • TiVo Tallies Top Ads Post-Super Bowl

    Super Bowl commercials get major viewership. But how do those brands compare at other times of the year? When looking at Super Bowl marketers' … Read the whole story