Tuesday, September 28, 2010
  • Nielsen Debuts Online Ratings

    For TV and digital media advertisers looking for a comparable metric to its traditional TV ratings, Nielsen will start up a new service called … Read the whole story

  • Sony, Warner, Disney Plan Pricey Home Film-Viewing Option

    With DVD revenues suffering, major movie studios are talking up "Premium VOD" deals with cable operators, hoping that consumers will pay as much as … Read the whole story

  • Top Marketers Preach Rewarding Creativity

    Russ Klein, former global marketing chief at Burger King, has bottom-line advice for agencies: Do good work, get good pay. Several top marketers say … Read the whole story

  • NASCAR Drives Sponsor Pitch

    With a tough economy, NASCAR is using Advertising Week as a vehicle to make a play for new sponsors. From taking a presence on … Read the whole story

  • Auto-Focus: Drivers Like Digital Billboards

    Despite controversy, 80% of survey respondents said they believe roadside digital displays targeting drivers are useful for disseminating important information, including traffic advisories, road … Read the whole story

  • Internet Users Want Free, Ad-Supported Music

    Most consumers don't want to pay for music they listen to using mobile devices, including iPods, MP3 players and smartphones, according to new meta-study … Read the whole story

  • Roll 'Em: Shamrock Buys Screenvision

    Shamrock Capital has purchased a majority stake in Screenvision, one of two dominant cinema advertising networks in the U.S., from previous owners U.K.-based ITV … Read the whole story

  • Ben & Jerry's To Drop All-Natural Claims

    Ben & Jerry's has agreed to phase out use of its "all-natural" claim on labels of ice cream and frozen yogurt that contain alkalized … Read the whole story