• Metrics' Theory Of Relativity
    "Lies, damned lies, and statistics," is a popular phrase attributed to Benjamin Disraeli by Mark Twain. My degree is in history, a subject I've had a passion for all my life. This remark by this most colorful of Victorian British prime ministers highlights an essential aspect of history -- those that drive the agenda control the agenda. Thus history is, for the majority, whatever those capable of doing so want it to be.
  • Confessions Of A Research Industry Journalist
    First, and perhaps most painfully, I'd like to confess that I've been covering media and marketing research for nearly 30 years. And no, I didn't begin covering it in grade school. Secondly, I have to admit that even after all that time, I really don't know much about research. But why am I telling you this? More importantly, why should you care?
  • TV And Web, Working Together
    It is well accepted in the industry that all media are additive. Adding a second medium not only increases reach, it increases frequency against the first medium. In addition to increasing frequency across the board, adding a second medium makes the first medium more effective. We see this in the online marketplace through increases in click-through rates, view-through rates and other factors. It always happens.
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