• Measure Twice, Cut Once: Preparing for Cross-Channel Attribution
    There are a couple old sayings used by carpenters: 1) "A carpenter is only as good as his tools." 2)"Measure twice, cut once." And just as these two concepts result in trouble-free and higher quality carpentry, the same can be said for taking the appropriate steps before starting a marketing attribution initiative within your company. The following is an inventory of the proper "tools" to assemble, and "measurements" to double-check.
  • One Mississippi?
    As readers of this blog know, at the end of this year the industry will begin transitioning from a served to a viewable impression standard. This may not happen tomorrow, or in October -- but it will happen sooner than you think. Advertisers will finally stop paying for ads that have no chance of being seen by the consumers -- that is, those ads that are below the fold or that are skipped too quickly. This is a true paradigm shift for an industry that since its early days has relied on direct marketing metrics for optimization, trading impressions as …
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