• Fuzzy Logic: Not All Data is Created Equal
    At all of the recent industry conferences, one unifying theme stood out: data obsession is part of a winning strategy. Marketers are now using data to inform every level of their decision-making. And that's great. But not all data is created equal.
  • How Data Will Do To TV What the Internet Did To Computing
    TV advertising has lagged behind cutting-edge advancements in digital and social media, but that's quickly changing. And data is the driver behind the oncoming shift in television. The question is, what does this all mean for today's TV networks, MVPDs and advertisers? Here are a few lessons we can draw from the transformations brought by the Internet
  • How Advanced Connectivity Will Revolutionize Measurement & Optimization
    We're entering a new era in which ordinary objects can be connected to the Internet using sensors and controllers. Such advanced connectivity, often referred to by the buzz phrase "Internet of Things," is reshaping the way consumers interact with brands, and vice versa.So how will advanced connectivity impact marketing measurement and optimization?
  • Using A Technology Tool To Harvest Data
    Consumers generate an enormous amount of transaction and interaction data when they research, buy, and discuss products and services. The challenge, however, is that approximately 80% of this data is "unstructured," which is data that can't be easily analyzed via traditional and established methods. Digital ad agencies are giving Hadoop, a free technology tool, a starring role in this scenario, since it can be used to capture and analyze this mountain of information by ingesting data from a multitude of sources, such as Web clickstream, video, social media and transactional systems
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