• Merry Happy Movies
    The holiday movie hype is upon us. With the importance of movies as an advertiser category, and with entertainment accounting for $729 million in revenues in the 2012 half-year IAB Internet Advertising Revenue report, the IAB thought it fitting to get a picture of how consumers use digital media to find out about movies and decide what to see.
  • Marketing Attribution: A Time-To-Market Decision
    When planning the implementation of an attribution solution within your organization, there are numerous decisions that will affect the length of time required to complete that implementation and begin benefiting from the insights and recommendations driven by your solution.
  • Not Every Impression Created Equal: An Ad Served Not Necessarily Ad Viewed
    While digital advertising continues to accelerate and evolve, there's no doubt that TV retains its ability to reach large numbers of people over short periods of time. But the explosive growth of online advertising is offering marketers and media buyers other opportunities to reach, engage and influence specific audiences, with a calculated frequency and via more touch points. Irrespective of media, there is always a need for (new) measured metrics and standards that can help inform future campaigns and help better allocate marketing spending to most effectively reach and engage audiences.
  • Mobile Campaign Measurement: Reality Or Figment Of Our Imagination?
    Mobile devices present an opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers anywhere in the world at any time. While marketers can sense the impact of the mobile revolution, there's no scientific evidence to indicate whether mobile advertising drives conversions -- and if so, how?
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