• Why Marketing Maligns Measurement
    Kim Johnston, vice president of global sales and marketing operations at Symantec Corporation, gave a killer presentation at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit last week in Washington D.C. The ah-ha moment for me and many in the audience (the response was audible) was a diagram she showed of all the marketing campaigns running for just one of their products. Kim said she looked at all the promotions that were not delivering measurable results and cut them. She then cut all the projects that were not being measured. The new diagram showed almost half of the programs had vanished. The result? …
  • What's A Panel?
    In many of my contributions to this column, I've written about the efficacy of panel-centric measurement. Two weeks ago, I talked about the promise of panel-centric hybrids, writing specifically about comScore's Video Metrix service, which incorporates publisher beacon data into our Media Metrix panel measurement. Today I want to take a step back and ponder a question that has been on my mind lately, as conversations about panel-centric, site-centric, and hybrid models intensifies: what, exactly, IS a panel?
  • CPA: Trend Or Permanent Move?
    There is, once again, an increase in the market of CPA deals. This generally happens in a down market, when less inventory can be sold on a CPM basis due to market weakness. Mark Kvamme of Sequoia opined at a AAAAs management lunch in San Francisco last week that CPA would be THE sales metric of the future. We don't agree that CPA will be the only sales metric of the future. There are two reasons for this: First, we can sometimes make better deals with CPM-based buys and second, sites cannot see the full picture from a metrics standpoint …
  • Wall Street And The Web Analyst
    The ups and downs of the market this past week have brought many companies to a screeching halt when it comes to spending (and productivity). It has been quite a rocky road recently, but there is a silver lining to this dark cloud when it comes to the role of the Web analyst.
  • Panel-Centric Hybrids
    The Google Ad Planner was announced with much fanfare at the Advertising Research Foundation's Audience Measurement Symposium 3.0 conference in June. Consumers of audience measurement data generally expect a reasonably high degree of transparency and disclosure with respect to methods, but the Google methodology remains something of a black box, whether we're talking about the source of data collection, the nature of the data (person or machine, server side or client side) or the demographics.
  • Which Metrics Apply When The Fox Eats The Henhouse?
    The formal announcement of WPP's acquisition of TNS has me wondering, who is this good for (other than WPP and some TNS shareholders)? What are the metrics for success in this deal? Clients, promised the benefits of synergy (a.k.a. "effectiveness") and efficiency, may find that objectivity and differentiability are more important metrics. Let me explain....
  • Web Video GRPs: Not All Are Equal
    In the world of GRPs. comparability is key. GRPs have several functions. They are handy building blocks for planners. They make it possible for a brand or advertising person on the client side to have an idea about the relative gross impact of one medium or vehicle versus another. Because of this, it has always been important that GRPs for each medium be roughly comparable with other media, with the denominator being U.S. population or U.S. target audience population when talking about national media.
  • Challenges In Mobile Analytics
    Mobile analytics is a hot topic for companies seeking to innovate in a new channel for their products, extend their brand, and expose content and advertising to a wider audience. For the most part, when people refer to "mobile analytics" they are referring to collecting behavior about "mobile browser" activity across a variety of handsets. Very few companies offer the ability to track behavior in non-browser-based mobile applications. Measurement challenges in this area include...
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