• Proceed With Caution: Attribution's Insights Not Always Straight Line
    The insights that are produced by your cross-channel attribution management solution, and the resulting optimization actions that you take, may at first glance appear to be very straightforward in terms the results they produce. But often, these insights reveal results that are totally surprising and unexpected.
  • Of Principles, Solutions And Pilots (No, We Are Not Creating PSPs)
    The ecosystem-wide initiative, Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) is now moving from guiding principles and recommended solutions to testing, which is the first phase of implementation. This is the stage where we will learn what we don't know. Moreover, after acquiring information, we will be able to course-correct together.
  • Enabling the Measurement of Mobile
    Mobile measurement continues to be a hot topic in digital media. We need three things to enable mobile measurement: 1) Develop a measurement framework; 2) centralized data collection; 3) provide an integrated reporting view.
  • Why The Cross-Channel Measurement Problem Is A Software Problem
    Pandora founder Tim Westergren recently made a pointed observation about digital radio. Pandora might own 4% of U.S. radio listenership, Westergren observes, but it doesn't yet command 4% of the $17 billion U.S. radio budget. Westergren argues that measurement is to blame: since Nielsen and Arbitron, the leading radio measurement services, look at terrestrial radio alone, digital media planners don't have the apples-to-apples comparisons they need to consider Pandora as part of radio budgets.
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