• A Metrics Miracle
    Josh Chasin is a poet -- and he knows it -- with this twist on a seasonal classic:" 'Twas the week before Christmas, when alone in my house/ I was finishing shopping, with a click of the mouse;/Then I cleared out my browser cache, cookies deleted,/ In hopes of nefarious snooping, defeated."
  • The Year That Was
    And what a year it was. The digital industry, with help from friends like the Media Rating Council, has made progress in many areas of measurement. The aim of this column is not to provide a compendium of achievements -- nor to ignore the challenges still before us -- but, in the spirit of the holidays, to shine brightly and inspire even greater progress in the year to come.
  • Rethinking Traditional Audience Measurement Through A Digital Framework
    What would a video measurement system look like if one were to zero-base such a solution today, with the tools we have at hand, given the measurement challenges we face, while unencumbered by legacy systems?
  • Responsible Measurement: Protect Your Customers And Your Brand
    Marketers don't want their brand to be the first that comes to mind when consumers think of "those companies that follow me around the Internet." Fortunately, there are several steps that brands can take to demonstrate responsible measurement.
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