• 2014: The Year of Marketing Accountability
    The precision with which multichannel marketing performance can now be measured is unprecedented. As CEOs and CFOs continue to demand improved ROI accountability from marketers, adopting more advanced measurement techniques will become vital to optimize spending in 2014. Here are some compelling reasons why:
  • Exploring What Consumers Say About Digital Content Brands
    Digital media has been at the forefront of consumers' lives for some time now. We in marketing and media struggle with the challenges of measuring users, and how much and when digital media is being consumed, in order to measure the full media diet. Rarely do we collectively explore what content brands mean in today's constantly changing media landscape. We have not yet mapped the site content "brandscape," nor have we mined its value to advertisers. The IAB explored the contours of the consumer experience with content on sites belonging to media brands that originated in the analog world, as …
  • The Collaborative Advantage: How Active Consumer Collaboration Is Essential Partner To Big Data
    What's the difference between Big Data analytics and consumer collaboration? And can these two very disparate approaches to consumer insight and innovation play well together?
  • When Choosing A Media Company, Take A Measured Approach
    In the past, we all assumed the ability of a media supplier to generate ad results was the number-one factor marketers used to evaluate the media companies with whom they do business. But the results of recent survey by Advertiser Perceptions, Inc. revealed that "aggressive rate deals" are considered more important to typical marketers. Not surprisingly, the survey has fueled a lot of speculation about what's driving this shift. What's the reason for marketers favoring rate deals over results? It's not because they don't care about results and ROI, but because many don't have an accurate and trustworthy cross-channel measurement …
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