• Why Did The Multichannel Marketer Cross The Road?
    As organizations cut their budgets and look to justify the ROI of all projects, smart marketers are those who work across channels and coordinate metrics for a complete picture of the marketing program, not just their individual channel. So why aren't there more multichannel marketers out there? While customers are comfortable moving from the Web site to the store, marketers in the online and offline worlds aren't always comfortable crossing the road and coordinating metrics.
  • Death Of The Influentials?
    In the flat world of Web communication networks, is the old marketing strategy of seeking out influential opinion-leaders really dead? Some digital digerati (like Guy Kawasaki) suggest that in today's world of blogging and tweeting, mass reach is the name of the game. On the other side of the issue are people like Ed Keller of Keller Fay, who literally wrote the book on the influentials. Keller's research into both online and offline WOM suggests that online WOM is still only a small fraction of offline WOM volume in most categories, and that nothing is more effective at driving behavior …
  • The Metrics Of Social Bookmarking
    For the Web analyst, measuring the impact of social bookmarking can be challenging. Most of the social bookmarking tools provide analytics for the code that is placed on the publisher's Web site. In this case the analytics are self-contained in the sharing tool's portal and completely segregated from a site's Web analytics implementation. Specific metrics reported may include...
  • Calling ALL Internet Users
    I grew up in the field of audience measurement. I was working in the Statistical Services department at Arbitron in 1980, before I was out of college; I would take the subway uptown from Washington Square wearing a shirt and tie under my leather jacket. In fact I spent the first seven years of my professional career in that department, working with and learning from some of the all-stars and leading lights of media research. I'm indulging in this little trip down memory lane to make the point that I had a pretty good bottom-up schooling in the discipline of …
  • Organizing A Marketing Analysis Team
    All marketers are looking for ways to raise revenue and lower costs -- and analytics is ready for action. Web analytics, predictive analytics, database marketing and more are the act of applying more ingenuity to the tools and data you already have. But where do you start?
  • Twitter Metrics
    When I first heard of Twitter, I thought about it much like many of you probably still do. It's just noise. Who needs to know when someone is having a pizza? But I've had a few epiphanies along the way that have changed my thinking.
  • So You Want A Job In Web Analytics?
    Web analytics is not an easy field to enter, especially in tough economic times. Nor is there a straightforward path for gaining real-world experience to help you land a job. So what is an aspiring Web analyst to do? What are some ways to learn more about Web analysis, get some practical experiences under your belt, and move your career in the direction you want it to go? Over the years, I have learned that immersing yourself in the Web analytics community helps prove to employers that you are a serious candidate. In that context, here are several methods for …
  • 2009: Measuring Up
    If, like me, you get a dozen or so MediaPost columns in your inbox each day, then you probably already know this. But when you have to write a column every two weeks, often the hardest part is coming up with a topic idea. So the end of the year is a total bonanza, because you can always write a "year in review" column or a "predictions for 2009" column. I'm opting for the latter. To my regular readers (John G, I'm looking at you), these predictions will be recognizable as the key themes I've written about in 2008, and …
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