• Experience Better Targeting: Use Geo-Profiling To Enhance Your Cookie Pool
    In the competitive world of online audience targeting, setting your online targeting strategy apart from the competition with even the slightest data advantage can make all the difference. In the online world, most rely on an audience targeting approach that involves the clustering of cookies into "cookie pools" based on like online browsing behavior. These profiles are based on tracking audiences across the web sites they visit. A rich, but arguably untapped data source for online audience targeting is geographic data, which can be used to develop geo-profiles.
  • If The Economy Goes Back South, What Happens To Metrics?
    No one knows for certain if we're headed for a double-dip recession. But if we are in for more rough times, what might that mean for media metrics? A few thoughts follow.
  • Are Your Analytics Neuromarketing-Ready?
    You probably haven't thought through an analytics methodology for neuromarketing, biometric marketing, or any of the other new fields that scientifically measure emotional responses to ads. But you should.
  • A Chevy Convertible & Attribution: Both Offer Top-Down Technology
    For some of us, summer is a time to take a relaxing ride down a long, scenic roadway and leave our worries behind for a few hours. And for those who are lucky enough to drive a convertible, it's very clear how much "top-down" technology enhances this experience. Marketers have their own "top-down" technology -- called top-down attribution -- that can be used to enhance the performance of their marketing portfolios.
  • Is Google Analytics Reverse-Engineering Facebook?
    In all the excitement over comScore and Nielsen's recent entries into Facebook analytics, you may have overlooked a much sleepier social metrics announcement from earlier in the summer. Google Analytics now measures social interactions, too. Now, with Google Analytics reported as the most widely used analytics package on earth, it's very much worth considering what Google Analytics social features might mean for the industry.
  • Practice Makes Perfect -- Or Does It?
    Online ad effectiveness research is an imperfect science. But if we apply greater scientific rigor and follow best practices like those released by the IAB on July 13, we can make it a more valuable and useful tool.
  • How We're Misusing Data -- And What We Can Do About It
    We're living in an industry that's awash with data. But are we using the data in the right way? One study would indicate that the answer is no. A recent survey of CEOs by The Fournaise Marketing Group, a leading British customer acquisition firm, finds that 70% of chief executives feel that their CMOs' key metrics "hardly relate to or mean anything for the company's P&L." That's a bad sign. But before you decide CMOs aren't ready for the metrics challenges they face, I'd like to offer an alternative explanation. I'd bet that for every CMO who really doesn't get …
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