• Managing Frequency
    As researchers, we all know that managing to averages is no way to run a business. However, this is exactly what many of us do when it comes to managing one of the most basic aspects of digital marketing: frequency. Using average frequency as a measure of delivery not only impacts campaign performance, but also leads to wasted impressions and negative brand impact.
  • Measurement Challenges Within The Multi-Agency Ecosystem
    It's a rare brand that has all its marketing channels managed under one roof. Far more typical is the model where some channels are managed in-house, and others are managed by one or more ad agencies. The result can be a measurement nightmare, made increasingly so by the number of channels and sources of performance data, as well as the infrastructure that may or may not be in place to normalize that data to a common set of apples-to-apples success metrics.
  • Three Reasons 'Good Enough' Analytics Is Bad For Business
    With so much discussion about marketing attribution recently, agreeing on a definition for the term can be a cumbersome process these days. And of course, within the attribution market there are also several different methodologies. Here are three things you should know about the differences between rules-based and data-driven attribution.
  • Remember Display In Your Campaign Attributions
    No online display campaign is complete without analyzing results. Brands and agencies both need to understand performance, but assessing how your campaign fits into the rest of your marketing plan can be very complex. So what can marketers do to understand how all their diverse campaign components work together?
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