• Measurement Challenges Abound As Marketing Ecosystem Evolves
    In a figurative battle of tug of war, today's most innovative and quickly evolving marketing platforms continue to enable marketers with new capabilities, while at the same time challenging marketers' ability to accurately and effectively capture and quantify their performance.
  • Viewability And RTB: Notes On The Larger Context
    In a May 8 post, Alex White makes some good points about how viewability measurement will alter the practice of buying as well as the value of display inventory in the programmatic space. We at the IAB applaud him for raising issues and conversation around viewability. White writes about the seemingly far-off ability to make viewability-based media buys, but the reality is that the Viewable Impression is coming fast. And, yes, there remains a significant amount of work to complete to ensure an orderly transition.
  • Attribute That!
    Attribution modeling or path-to-purchase analysis? These concepts are often used in the same context -- and, at times, are confused with one another. The purpose of both is to establish optimal touchpoints for consumer interaction with the brand and to optimize individual online channels to achieve the best cost savings and customer experience. So, what is the difference between the two?
  • Bring On Good Measurement!
    Online advertisers are blinding themselves. And they're doing it on purpose. The digital channel enables us to track and gather actionable performance data virtually in real time. But we don't do it. I'm not referring to the much-maligned click-through rate, or CTR. Even though CTR still shows up on an RFP from time to time, most of the industry has rightly downplayed the significance of the CTR as a valid performance indicator.
  • Better Safe Than Sorry
    After months of writing and speaking about Making Measurement Makes Sense (3MS), on my own and with esteemed colleagues from the buy and sell sides, I've learned that redundancy is actually a good thing. This is especially so in terms of the task at hand: changing measurement in a complex ecosystem. While we all crave standards, demand quality and believe that digital media need to be part of big brand allocations on a regular basis, some on the sell-side remain concerned about changing currency too quickly. Most of the concern centers on the technological complexity of assuring stable viewable impressions …
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