• Attribution And The Rise Of Data-Driven Marketing
    Are you in a bad relationship with your attribution model? There may be several issues at play here, from the cost of using more data to the time it takes to put together a good content strategy for a data-driven marketing campaign. One of the largest problems actually has to do with a bad habit we have as an industry: the use of last-click attribution methodologies to measure performance.
  • Big Data: Everyone's Talking, But No One's Acting
    Every brand, agency and vendor involved in marketing is talking about data, but the uncomfortable truth is that a lot of people are bragging to save face. Like high school hallway gossip, everyone is talking, everyone thinks others are doing exciting things with big data, but the truth is that most people in the industry are still trying to figure it all out. Many lack even a basic understanding of this data, much less the terms used to describe it.
  • Social TV, Earned Media Channels And Millennials
    How important is social TV: people posting and reading comments about TV programs on social media platforms? A recent study, undertaken by the Council for Research Excellence in September and October of 2013, surveyed the online population of people 15 to 54 and found that on a typical day, about 19% of them are reached by social media regarding prime-time TV.
  • Digital Onboarding Of Offline Conversions: Providing Insight Into The Customer Journey
    It's a common misconception among brand marketers that conversions that take place offline are inherently "untrackable." It's true that marketers have historically been challenged in their attempts to correlate online activity with offline purchases. However, "digital onboarding" techniques enable marketers to connect offline transaction data with different marketing tactics, providing a more accurate and holistic picture of the customer journey and a far better understanding of the influence each marketing touchpoint has on an offline conversion.
  • Getting Clear On Viewability
    The IAB hosts a Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) educational forum once a month in order to foster knowledge-sharing about measurement change and support the implementation of viewability. These sessions have been well attended and have helped many come up to speed on the massive transition that arrived once the Media Ratings Council (MRC) gave the green light to transact on viewable. Still, despite a plethora of educational sessions, an in-depth 3MS website including a comprehensive FAQ section, copious amounts of press coverage and more, a steady drumbeat of concerns and questions in the marketplace seems to persist.
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