• Bring On The Social Media Impression
    The uncertainty about the future of Facebook has a lot to do with the uncertainty about its metrics.  If “social” -- the mentions of brands and recommendations from friends and companies --  is indeed the future of the online advertising business, it is about time we come up with media-like standard metrics to plan and evaluate social advertising.  Although there’s no shortage of measurement companies in social media, such standards are yet to emerge.  The increased curiosity of marketers about social networking gave birth to hundreds of "listening" research vendors that perfected the art of monitoring discussion volumes and delivering …
  • Data Saves The CMO
    On average, most CMOs hold that job for less than two years.. Ever wonder why? A major contributing factor is the lack of fact-based decision-making. Organizations of all sizes, all around the world, are coming to realize that without data at the core of their operational decisions, they are left at the hands of intuitive decision-making. That's why I'm stating now, definitively: Data will save the CMO.
  • Back To School
    August is already nearly half gone, and we are inching our way to the traditional back-to-school season while clinging to the last gasps of summer fun. The parallel to digital media is not entirely obvious, but it has been a summer filled with all manner of change. Some of the changes are just bubbling up. They are already beginning to force all of us back to school; we've got a lot of learning to do! Herewith a compendium of summer activities bringing change our way -- some totally "inside baseball," to borrow a summer metaphor, and others less so.
  • Adding Advanced Attribution To The Purchase Funnel
    An attribution solution with funnel stage reporting helps marketers understand the complete purchase journey, whether it is entirely online or includes offline channels. These reports simplify the traditional AIDA purchase funnel definitions into three main stages: introducer, promoter and closer. The introducer aligns with the awareness stage; and the closer, the action stage. The promoter stage represents all the middle funnel activity such as interest, evaluation and consideration.
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