• Four Traits Of A Successful Marketing Attribution Implementation
    In the past I've written about how the implementation of a marketing attribution solution forces certain changes to be made within an organization. These changes are well worth the effort, given the significant (15-30%) increase in return on marketing spend that organizations typically achieve through the use of attribution, not to mention the multiple non-attribution-related benefits those changes provide.
  • Simplify Targeting And Overcome Low Match Rates
    There is an explosive hype focused on leveraging an advertiser's customer data to enable better digital media targeting. Several approaches have sprung up over the years that attempt to individually match customer level data to cookies for targeting ads. These processes include matching registered users through either a persistent cookie or an email address; some simply match a customer's personal information (PII) with permission. The match rates are not great! Some advertisers have reported match rates as low as 10% with only 50% accuracy in identifying gender. With low individual match rates exacerbated by inaccuracy, advertisers should start to rethink …
  • A Demon Under The Streetlight
    There's an old joke about a man searching for his car keys at night under a streetlight instead of around the car where his keys were ostensibly lost. When asked by a passerby why he was searching there he replies, "Because the light is better under the streetlight!"
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