• Don't Be Afraid Of The Cookie Monster
    All this fuss about online privacy and cookie-targeting got me curious. I decided to visit the preference management pages for some of the major cookie targeters and take a look. What exactly do "they" know about me?
  • Achieving Simplicity In Measurement
    So often I hear that a given approach to measuring the payback on marketing is "too complex." It often gets voiced as. "This is too complex for our executives to understand. Can't we just make it simple?" The answer is YES. We can make it simpler. To do so, we need to start by recognizing that there are several types of "complexity" that need to be managed:
  • Dashboards: Huge Value Or Big Expense?
    I'm hearing more and more "dashboard bashing" these days. Seems that many have tried to implement them, and then drawn the conclusion that the view isn't worth the climb. It seems it was a good idea in concept, but it just hasn't "stuck" within most companies. Why?
  • A Brand Blueprint For Marketing On Facebook
    A few weeks back, fellow Metrics Insider Josh Chasin delivered a well-considered treatise about the importance of effective storytelling for propelling online media to new heights. I read his post with great interest since I had just submitted my own piece which called for new measurement techniques, metrics and insights as the missing link to achieve that very same objective. At first, these two views might be seen as opposite ends of the spectrum. But they're not.
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