• Where Are You On The Digital Ladder Of Insight?
    I've been working on updating the "Ladder of Insight" I published several years ago, to reflect some observations on levels of measurement sophistication with respect to digital/social attribution. From what I see in the marketplace, companies seem to be at one of four levels in their pursuit of better insights:
  • The New Time Lag: Not Your Father's Metric Anymore
    Traditionally, "time lag to conversion" has been defined as the amount of time between the last online display ad the consumer interacted with, to the first conversion activity that was performed. And most ad servers have delivered a "Publisher Time Lag Report" to their clients detailing the number of users that convert within an hour, a day, a week, a month, etc., by publisher. However, over the last couple of years, there has been a huge shift in online user behavior. Users have demonstrated a more sophisticated behavior to consuming online advertising -- choosing to click less and less on …
  • Developing Effective Cross-Platform Metrics
    The consensus opinion is that online audience measurement is deficient and not ready for cross-platform currency alignment. When assessing the effectiveness of a cross-platform campaign, the fact is that digital measurement is not even close to becoming "The Most Accountable Medium." The good news, however, is that with the undeniable adoption of digital and a shift in spending, we now have a number of forward-thinking, cross-ecosystem (i.e., publishers, agencies and vendors) thought leaders applying their gray matter to the task at hand. So what will it take to get there?
  • Are Poorly Performing Sites/Placements Really So Bad?
    Part of media optimization in a digital world should be to plan and optimize the scale of media. Unfortunately scale is often one of the most overlooked items in the process.
  • Drunk Thinking
    A policeman finds a drunk crawling around on the street one night, frantically searching for something at the base of a lamp post. He approaches cautiously and inquires as to the man's strange behavior."I lost my watch," says the drunk. "Here, under this streetlight?" asks the policeman."No, over by that building 50 yards that way," he points. "So why are you looking over here?" the policeman asks quizzically. Because this is where the light is. I can't see anything in the dark over there." Drunk logic -- the same sort of logic underlying the methods many are taking to understand …
  • Do Click-Through Rates Equate to Tune-in? Are We STILL Having This Discussion?
    Guess what I just learned. Johnny Depp is the voice of a cute lizard in "Rango," in theaters March 4. And Ford is committed to more energy-efficient vehicle technology. How did I learn this? I did not click on a banner ad. Let me be clear, did you get that? I actually learned something from an online ad and did NOT click on the banner. Unfortunately, the current perceptions still exist that even though I noticed these ads, got exactly what I needed from them, but did not offer up a click, these ads were not effective.
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